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Oil Lubricated

Lubricated rotary screw air compressors are used every day across the world in a wide variety of applications, from the small 2 kW model you may find in a garage or workshop, up to large 250 kW models where multiple machines used together can power a whole factory production line. Critical tasks like air tools, packaging, welding along with many other factory processes rely on compressed air & these models can generate the onsite air you need, on demand, when & where it’s needed, each installation is sized according to your production needs.

Oil Free

Oil free compressors use various technologies that bypass the need for oil. In oil lubricated compressors, oil is used in the compression chamber to cool and seal the air. In an oil-free compressor, no matter what type of technology is being used, no oil will ever be used in the compression chamber. This eliminates the risk of contamination and ensures 100% air purity!


CompAir accessories for compressors

Gardner Denver Series

Gardner Denver is a market-leading, global manufacturer of compressed air systems backed by an extensive authorized distribution network conveniently located, ready to serve our customers.

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