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Oil Free

AB Series

ELGi is one of the very few screw air compressor companies globally to design and manufacture airends for Oil-free screw air compressor technology. The new AB series oil-free screw air compressors from ELGi provide disruptive benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability and air quality resulting in lower life cycle cost and high uptime. The high-quality air output compliant with ISO8573-1 and ISO 8573-7 standards and Class-“0” certification makes this air compressor ideal for sensitive applications in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries where the presence of oil vapour, microbiological contaminants and moisture is intolerable.

OF Series

ELGi is among the few air compressor manufacturers with proprietary oil-free airends designed and manufactured entirely in-house. ELGi’s oil-free range provides class zero oil-free air with leading energy efficiency, reliability, and low operating costs supported by a Best-in-class warranty.

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